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The PCA Skin Makeup Removing Wipes are formulated with vitamin E and a nourishing ingredient blend. This portable makeup remover gently cleanses and rids the skin of impurities while providing calming and soothing benefits and is also suitable for all skin types.

The wipes have Tocopherol (vitamin E), an excellent antioxidant and emollient that protects the lipids in the body, including cell membranes, from free radical damage, as well as Aloe, Chamomile, Cucumber, Althea (Marshmallow), and Oat Kernel Extracts which are unique ingredient blends that soothe and condition the skin. The wipes also contain Glycerin which is a humectant and emollient that helps hydrate the skin.

• Effectively removes makeup, dirt, oil, and debris
• Quick, on-the-go cleansing for all skin types
• Safe and gentle to use on and around the eyes

PCA Skin Makeup Removing Wipes

  • Gently wipe the face, neck, and eye area to remove makeup and other impurities from the skin. Dispose used wipe in trash after use. Do not flush. Store at room temperature.


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